The following are our current squads for the 2017 Capel Junior Hardball teams


Under 11 group is Primary School Age Group. Under 11s play 8-a-side ‘pairs’ cricket.

Under 13 group is Year 7/8 Secondary School Age Group. Under 13s play 11-a-side ‘full rules’ cricket (when you are out your out!)

Under 11 players can play ‘up’ in U13 games at the discretion of the Capel Coaches (even if they have played for the U11 team in the same playing season)

Capel U11 Squad

  1. Alex Shave
  2. George Pooley
  3. James Cooper
  4. Joe Semple
  5. Josh Leslie
  6. Tom Leslie
  7. Finn Mckenzie
  8. Shaun Rich
  9. Isaac Kent
  10. Rory Kent
  11. Max Rothwell (currently injured)


Capel U13

  1. Jake Somers
  2. Matt Brown
  3. Alex Grice
  4. Todd Williams
  5. Louis Marton
  6. Anthony Nieman
  7. Adam Stronell
  8. Stephen Pettican
  9. Josh Van Heerden
  10. Will Fowle
  11. Nick Semple