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Early success for the Ladies!

By 20th May 2019 No Comments

16th May was a great day in the life of Capel Cricket Club as that was when our Ladies Team, which has been training hard for several months, played its first competitive matches at Bells Yew Green’s Softball Festival. Teams came from BYG, Maresfield and beyond, and were all much the same standard, which ensured the emphasis was on fun. That’s not to say the  matches weren’t keenly contested and our ladies, watched by their coach Bim Gajjar and an enthusiastic group of Capel supporters, were delighted to win two of their three matches. Under the captaincy of Suzi, the ‘richly rewarded’ squad of Sandra, Jo, Nicole, Michelle, Lisa, and Alexis went home very happy with their performance, eagerly looking forward to their next games.  Any ladies wishing to join the team would be very welcome.  It really is great fun!